How To Make Rechargeable LED Emergency Light At Home

In This Article You Are Going To Learn “How To Make Rechargeable LED Emergency Light At Home.”

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In this Article I am going to show you “How To Make Rechargeable LED Emergency Light At Home” using some stuffs that are easily available in market . Actually this Homemade Rechargeable LED Light is DIY gadget because I have made it using PVC Pipe and some cheap Electronics . This Homemade LED Light is very Powerful and the cost of making this LED Light is under budget . I have made complete instructive video on my YouTube channel  about this topic that will also guide you for making this Rechargeable LED Light.

How To Make Rechargeable LED Emergency Light At Home

The Things You Will Need :

  • LED Strip (3 Strips)
  • 18650 Lithium Battery (2 Pieces)
  • TP4036 Battery Charging Module
  • SPDT Switch
  • PVC Pipe (40mm Diameter)


Procudure :

Step 1: Take a PVC Pipe of 40mm Diameter and Bend it into shape of “Square Pipe” using Heat Gun or Gas Stove at very low flames. Use any Wooden Batten to shape it into perfect Squared PVC Pipe.

Srep 2: Make Square Cut on Square Shaped PVC Pipe and Make Some Square leads out of white PVC Pipe Sheet to close the body of Rechargeable Emergency LED Light.

Step 3: Take Three LED Strips of 4 V and Connect it in Parallel.

Step 4: Make Charging Unit using two 3.7V batteries in parallel and TP405 module according to Connection Diagram.

Step 5: Connect the Output Wires of Charging Unit to Input Wires of LED Strip while adding SPDT Switch between Positive Wires.

Step 6: Assemble whole Circuit inside the PVC Pipe Body of LED Emergency Light and Make Slot for Micro USB to the bottom lead of Pipe Body for Charging Purpose and Finally close both leads.

Step 7: Make Transparent Case for LED Strip out of Transparent PVC Sheet and Glue it to the LED Slot.

Finally Here The Homemade Emergency Rechargeable LED Light is ready to test. Before testing it , charge it for 10-15 minutes.


Connection Diagram:

Download Circuit Diagram Here :



Instructions : (How To Use)

  •  Use 5V and 1A smartphone’s Adaptor For Charging This Homemade Emergency LED Light.
  •  Charge It Until Charging Indicators Turns Blue.
  •  Don’t Use It In Rain.
  •  Make Sure All Connections Are Properly Insulated While Making It.
  • Don’t Stare at It For Too Long.
  • Keep Away From Children.


Properties :

  • Takes Only 1 Hour To Get Completely Charged.
  • Battery Back-up is about 2 Hours.
  • Very High Intensity Bright Light.
  • Low Cost Homemade DIY Gadget.
  • Very Easy To Make At Home.
  • Materials Are Easily Available In Local Market.


Applications :

  • You Can Use It in Home During Power Cut.
  • You Can Use It as Torch Light at Night.
  • You Can Use It In Farms At Nights.
  • You Can Use It As Study Lamp.



Q: How Does Emergency Lights Work?
Ans: It is simply LED Bulb Powered by Rechargeable Battery.
Q: How long this Emergency LED Light stay on?
Ans: It can last for 2-3 hours.
Q: How To Charge This Emergency Light?
Ans: You can charge it using any smartphone’s adaptor.
Q: What is total cost of making this Emergency Light?
Ans: The total cost of making is almost 200Rs.

Conclusion :

This Homemade Rechargeable Emergency LED Light is better that the LED Light purchased from market in comparison to price. And Its Totally Homemade so you can learn the working of Rechargeable LED Light .

How To Make Rechargeable LED Emergency Light At Home


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