How To Make Tesla Coil At Home

In This Article You Are Going To Learn “How To Make Rechargeable Tesla Coil At Home”.


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In this article, I am gonna show you “How To Make Tesla Coil At Home”. Its very easy to make Tesla Coil at home using some materials that are easily available in marker. This homemade rechargeable tesla coil operates on 3.7V 18650 Lithium battery. This homemade rechargeable Tesla Coil is very powerful and it generates 400KV of voltage. I have made this homemade tesla coil only for Educational and Entertainment purpose. So don’t misuse it. The build quality of this homemade rechargeable tesla coil is very good . I have used PVC pipe and MDF board for making body of this Homemade Tesla Coil. This Homemade Tesla Coil Is perfect Mini version of Actual tesla coil made by Nicola Tesla. This is the best engineering and college project that you can make easily at home. So you should definitely make on eat home.


How To Make Rechargeable Tesla Coil At Home !

The Things I used :

1. PVC Pipe (40mm)

2. MDF Board

3. Insulated Copper Wire (36 SWG)

4. Voltage Booster 400KV

5. SPDT Switch

6. 18650 Lithium Batter

7. Charging Module


Connection Diagram:

Download Connection  Diagram Of Battery Pack Here :

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