How To Make Powerful Jigsaw Machine At Home

In This Article You Are Going To Learn “How To Make Powerful Jigsaw Machine At Home”.


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In this article,¬†i am gonna show you “How To Make Jigsaw Machine At Home”. Its very easy to make Jigsaw machine at home using some material that are easily available in market. I have made this homemade Jigsaw Machine using RS790 DC motor and some other electronic components. This homemade jigsaw machine is very powerful and it can be used for cutting MDF Board, PVC Pipe and Plywood. This Jigsaw Machine is very useful gadget for everyone who works in workshop or who dose carpentry work. This homemade Powerful Jigsaw machine works on 12V battery and 12V Adaptor. The Build quality of this homemade Jigsaw machine is very good because i have used MDF Board and PVC pipe for making body of this Jigsaw Machine. This Homemade Jigsaw Machine is powered by powerful and high torque RS790 DC Motor. This homemade Jigsaw Machine is very useful tool for everyone, so you should definitely make one at home.


How To Make Powerful Jigsaw Machine At Home !

The Things I used :

1. RS790 DC Motor

2. MDF Board 8mm

3. PVC pipe 40mm

4. Drill Machine Switch

5. DC Socket

6. Wires

7. Shaft Adaptor

8. Aluminum Pipe

9. Hexa Blade


Connection Diagram:

Download Connection  Diagram Here :

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