How To Make Mini Inverter At Home

In This Article You Are Going To Learn “How To Make Mini Inverter At Home”.


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In this article, I am gonna show you “How To Make Mini Inverter At Home”. Its very easy to make Homemade Mini Inverter using some materials that are easily available in market. This homemade mini inverter is very powerful and you can use it for power up any AC LED bulb. You can also use it to charge you smartphone using smartphone adaptor. I have used powerful 18650 Lithium Batteries for making this homemade mini inverter. This homemade mini inverter has battery back up of 1 hour. This homemade Inverter is very useful gadget for everyone. The build quality of this homemade Mini Inverter is very good because i have used PVC Pipe for making body of this Mini Inverter. This is very useful gadget that you can use for everyday. So you should definitely make it at home.


How To Make Mini Inverter At Home !

The Things I used :

1. 12V To 220V AC Converter

2. 18650 Lithium Battery (9 Pieces)

3. 12V 10A BMS

4. DC Socket

5. SPDT Switch

6. 3Pin Plug


Connection Diagram :

Download Connection Diagram Here :

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