How To Make Bluetooth Speaker From PVC Pipe At Home

In This Article You Are Going To Learn “How To Make Bluetooth Speaker From PVC Pipe At Home”.


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In this article, i am gonna show you “How To Make Bluetooth Speaker At Home using PVC Pipe “,This Homemade Bluetooth speaker is very loud and you can easily make it by your own .I have used PVC for making body of this Bluetooth speaker and some electronics which are given below . This Homemade Bluetooth speaker box is very long lasting and very loud , it can continuously work for 4 hours and its battery backup is very good, this homemade Bluetooth speaker looks very authentic and this is very similar to the Bluetooth bar speaker purchased from market. This homemade bluetooth speaker is very handy . You can Carry this Homemade Bluetooth speaker anywhere with you . This DIY bluetooth Speaker amplifier is made from hard PVC plastic Pipe so its build quality is very good. You can also use this homemade portable bluetooth speaker while walking or trekking . This ” Homemade Bluetooth Speaker is very cheap and the electronics i have used are easily available online.


How To Make Bluetooth Speaker From PVC Pipe At Home !


The Things I used :

1. Charging Module TP4056

 2. Bluetooth Module

3. Amplifier module TPA 3110 (15W+15W)

4. Amplifier module TPA 3110 XH-A232 (30W+30W)

5. DC Step Up Power Booster Module

 6. Speaker

7. Lithium battery

8. RGB leds

9. PVC pipe 


Connection Diagram :

Download Connection Diagram Here :

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